Friday, 18 March 2016

The New Qualifying Format...

...engine tokens, lookalikes, and exciting championship battles.

1) New Qualifying Format.

Opinion seems to be split about the new look qualifying, but I was pretty excited about it when I first heard the news. #lastmandstanding  My only concern is that drivers might set their fastest lap at the start of each session when they're on fresh tyres, and then the rest of each session could just be a case of watching the clock tick down. #anticlimax

Bernie doesn't seem totally convinced, and his initial excuse that the software wouldn't be ready for the start of the season seemed a bit feeble.  How exactly does it require complicated software?  Surely you just need someone to watch the timing screen and eliminate the driver at the bottom of the screen! #notrocketscience

2) Engine Tokens

Despite possessing the engine in greatest need of performance improvement, Renault have spent the least development tokens over the winter.  The full list of tokens spent is...

Ferrari - 23
Mercedes - 19
Honda - 18
Renault - 7

Each engine manufacturer gets 32 tokens to use throughout the season, so the remaining tokens for each engine supplier are...

Renault - 25
Honda - 14
Mercedes - 13
Ferrari - 9

Is this a sign that Renault are confident of improvements later in the season? #inseasondevelopment  Or have they simply struggled to find performance gains over the winter?

3) Separated at birth?

Kevin Magnussen prepared for the Australian Grand Prix by doing an impressive impression of a banana... #separatedatbirth

Apparently, when offered the chance to race for Renault, Magnussen commented, "I'd have to be bananas to turn it down." #notreally

4) An encouraging pattern

Since 2008, in every year ending with an even number, the F1 driver's championship has gone down to a title decider at the final Grand Prix of the season #drama, so if that trend continues we may well get a 2016 season filled with excitement. #notscientific #wishfulthinking

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